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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Computers in Libraries April 2008 Arlington, VA

Summary and Highlights of Computers in Libraries 2008
View the links to youtube videos!

ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE This is the east coast version of Monterey's Internet Librarian Conference.

I attended two sessions about Mobile Search and Mobile Trends. This is a major trend that will be hitting the scene within two years, (everyone having something like an iphone) and people will be getting their "ready reference" info via mobile phones, and that's just one of the many online conveniences to come.The Link is the power point of the session. Colleges are now creating websites that can be transformed into accessible formats by using software that is already available.

Collaborating with YouTubers to Enhance Library Instruction: presented by USF Librarian Susan Ariew. She worked with students to create YouTube videos concerning plagiarism, databases, and other library resources. The Chronicles of Libraria Defintely an activity to explore! Also, Video, YouTube, and Libraries: learned the techy parts about posting the videos on YouTube.

InfoTubey Awards
YouTube videos created by Libraries were selected for recognition. Some of these were very funny,(Submission by Allen County Public Library) but I'd rather spend my time on instructional videos.

Gaming and Gadgets Petting Zoo
I tried out the "Rock Band" game; saw the $100 Laptop; and affirmed the fact that we are way ahead of the game, because our students are now organizing the gaming events! See Don't Fear the Reaper and you'll see a short blip of me!

Brought back the OECD Factbook for Buzby's Economy class. Talked with a vendor who explained the process for digitizing newspapers. Jim and I have already come up with a plan to write a LSTA grant to pay UF to digitize everything pre-2005.

Keynote Speakers were the same as those at Internet Librarian Conference!


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